Van Ghost releases new album “The Domino Effect” today!

Posted on August 21st, 2012

Sometimes in art music and life you out pace or under estimate your vision to have everything work out exactly how and when you want it to. Eventually it all catches up and balances out the way it was meant to be. After years of time spent growing as a band in our live performances, songwriting, and studio work, today we are very proud to finally release the full length label debut by Van Ghost, “The Domino Effect from our label Dustimmoff Music.

This record is about certain stories and time periods in our lives and the people that have graced those stories with their love and at times drama. No matter how you spin it though, it all truly comes from the heart. And it’s coming from a real place baby, so please just don’t take it away… We hope you dig it and love you for your patience and continued support of the Ghost. Thank you a million times cause the best is yet to come!

The Domino Effect is AVAILABLE FOR DOWNLOAD NOW, directly from our Bandcamp page, on iTunes, or any of your preferred online outlets.

Van Ghost - The Domino Effect 1. Domino Effect 04:26
2. Cage 03:58
3. Easy On Me 03:54
4. Drowning 04:14
5. Modern Day Love Affair 04:31
6. Decisions 05:06
7. White Lies 04:00
8. Burden 04:23
9. Telling Stories 03:28
10. Return to Innocence 05:54
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