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        Van Ghost is an ultra-melodic take on epic ’70s rock — augmenting the group’s smooth vocal harmonies with blissed-out guitar solos. – Chicago Tribune

Cage, Van Ghost: Pop-rockers break free with a repetitive chorus and guitar hooks aplenty. – USA TODAY

Van Ghost is a Chicago soul-rock band led by Michael Harrison Berg, and the Chicago Tribune said the group specializes in “an ultra-melodic take on epic ’70s rock.” Van Ghost, also features Phish/Trey Anastasio veteran Jennifer Hartswick (who also has performed with The Rolling Stones, Santana, Dave Matthews Band, Herbie Hancock, etc.). Take a listen to their HuffPost exclusive track, “Drowning”. – Huffington Post

Van Ghost is a band that is primed to take on everything from Top 40 to a festival that caters to virtually any flavor – Honest Tune Magazine

If they aren’t already, Chicago’s Van Ghost should be on your radar. Charmingly ambitious, incredibly easy to like and dedicated to real craftsmanship in what they do, this young band proffers modern rock with a classic feel, a sound that reminds one of a time when turning on the radio wasn’t a gamble but a near guarantee of a tune that would stick in your head all day. – Jambase

The Forest Stage may have been small, but over the weekend it showcased amazing young talent to a dense, energetic crowd. Van Ghost broke in the area Friday afternoon with their charming Southern rock sound, led by the powerful vocals of Jennifer Hartwsick and song writing of Michael Harrison Berg. With most of the Forest Stage talent centered around aural and technical exploration, Van Ghost served up some good-old American rock music perfectly suitable for the Fourth of July weekend. – Consequence of Sound

Van Ghost’s debut “Melodies for Lovers” gets a lot of mileage out of singer-guitarist Michael Berg’s endearing, vulnerable voice. His delivery is well-suited to subtle songs like “Wednesday,” which seem like routine Midwestern pop until they rise to something transcendent and touching, while growing on you like other generic artists never do. The band crafts honest tales of love out of folk sounds energetic enough to drift out your car window, and gentle enough to sing outside someone’s bedroom window. A lovely slice of local alt-country.  – RedEye

What distinguishes Van Ghost as a bright new standout amongst the crowding indie Americana set is when brainchild Michael Harrison Berg and Jennifer Hartswick sing together, it truly is peaceful. For whatever reason, this band seems honest.  – Jambase

Van Ghost doesn’t simply give us another name to add to the bunch of emerging alternative bands. The songs brim with the inspiration of returning to music. And if you’re tired of rock vocalists, the sultry harmonies of fellow singer, Jennifer Hartswick, transform Berg’s into something else. Van Ghost has given us a well-crafted debut and a developed vision. The tunes on “Melodies for Lovers” will charge up a crowd for sure. – UR Chicago

One listen to the album’s rough mix belies Van Ghost‘s relative youth. From the evocative lope of opener “Summer Promise” to the dramatic, somewhat darker flourishes of powerful closer “Coliseum,” its atmosphere is warm and vibrant, its rootsy grooves tight and assured. Berg’s pensive pipes intertwine with the sultry jazz-schooled tones of Jennifer Hartswick, a Vermont transplant who is best known as a member of Phish guitarist Trey Anastasio’s band. It’s obvious why Berg says O’Keefe called the material “the perfect blend of desperation and hope.”  – Jeff Pizek (Daily Herald)

End the fest on a high note with the country meets indie-folk tunes of local outfit Van GhostChicagoist

CSNY Inspired! – Flavorpill

There’s a good chance you’ve seen their name before. The band have already played high profile gigs at the likes of Metro, SXSW and Rothbury Festival, and have scored favorable press in and out of the city. Over a year in the making, the debut LP, Melodies for Lovers, is bound to propel the band even further into the spotlight. – Examiner

His desire to relate personal stories was fulfilled by forming a six-piece band that could express a full range of textures and ideas without abandoning the notion of staying true to one’s craft and morals. – Lumino Magazine

His voice has just the right touch of timidity, making each word he sings seem honest and direct, allowing the lyrics and music to blend in a way that the overall songwriting craft becomes the center of attention. – Joel Berk (Glide Magazine)

Their My Morning Jacket countryesque sound is certainly addicting. – Analog Giant

There are several different variations of rock in the genre dictionary, and this band can perform each one capably and confidently and without sounding like it’s taking any major effort to do so. Highly recommended.  – Local Vertical

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